Monday, June 15, 2009


My friends will tell you I keep swinging my mobile phone in my hand almost always unless I'm driving, and more often than not, gravity embellishes its presence as plastic meets mud with a dull thud. But this incident hardly commands any interest in the circle anymore; the only thing that happens further on is, I bend over, pick up the phone, dust it off, and continue the swinging, along with the conversation that I was having with the people around. Apart from these highly frequent ground-cell meetings, my cell phone has once fallen off a moving vehicle (at 40kmph), tumbled down thrice from the tops of tekdis, plonked into muddy water at the panshet dam (unintentional) and soapy water in the shower (intentional), and has had curd and lukewarm coffee spilled over it (which I'd washed off using liberal amounts of water), and yet, it continues to display remarkable perfectness in all of its limited functionalities, except mixing up text message contents into one another, creating funny combinations.

Congratulations, Nokia, for bringing out such a destruction-resistant mobile phone, for making me choose it 2 years ago, for making me despise losing things on purpose and for making me not absent-minded and so not losing it not-on-purpose, and for ruining my chances of getting a more envied model for the next 2 years at a minimum.


falconer said...

Has your phone done this:
>Enduring a monsoon football match and a few hits of the football.
>Enduring SI units of perspiration
>Endure a fall from the pocket onto a rock face of basaltic stone, (3 bounces)
Motoslvr rocks!

Anuradha said...

1: Not yet..
2: If it can endure lukewarm coffee I suppose a fluid mixture of chlorides wouldn't be that difficult :P
3: My cell phone has toppled from my pocket down almost every tekdi I've visited (which is quite a good number)
4: Without doubt! Any cellphone rocks when compared with mine! :D