Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How long can Short be? Or should it be..vice-versa?

07.55 am
Place: "River"side, The Boat Club, C.O.E.P
Theme: Pauus (Rain)
Work: Write non-crappy stuff (supposed to be written 2 days ago)
Author: A confused girl with a cartload of submissions

The Consequence: Two raggedy pages (with the circuit diagram of a band-reject filter on the back of one of them) in HB pencil, as underneath.

The light shone on in parity,
The drums went on a spree,
The drop atop, 'Where should I drop?
Where would I like to be?'

One trickled in a farmland crack,
Burrowed and hollered through,
Worms, lost seeds, decaying stuff,
No earth to seep into.

One rushed into, the river blue
its icy depths aquiver,
At threshold poised, the air rejoiced,
When life bevied the giver.

One drop, unfortunate, it dropped
on a poor arithmetic journal,
The '8' went '3', the drop broke free,
Messed up a cursed internal.

One landed dang! on top of skin,
It was a little hand,
Bereft, it mused, 'This is my end',
In seconds, I'll bite the sand!

The hurl it knew would come in time
somehow did never come,
What came instead, were fellow drops,
Unknowns and long-lost chums.

They hugged and tugged in wonderment
as the hand cupped 'em together,
And gently laid them on a leaf
Withered to vein and tether.

The vein bloomed to a pulsing lane,
The whites gave way to greens,
Two eyes watched on, the (re)union
Of parched smithereens.

Behold the fall! No time at all!
From pain and dying gory,
Stood life with dancing droplet crowns,
In all its shining glory!

For though it seems (or does not seem)
awful poetry (or prose),
Rain does do magic, spell-binding!
When a bud becomes a rose.

Why do I remember someone saying writing is a work of leisure? :|


falconer said...

writing is indeed a work of leisure for people who don't write as good or as long as yourself :P

anu said...

Apologies..I meant quite the opposite actually.

The terrors this blog holds were majorly born during critical half-hours in engineering when I was required to do a 1000 other more important things. If I had the time, and the leisure, my readers (god save them) would be left fingerless :P

greySith said...

Good lord... you make feel ashamed that I too wrote something about pauus that day :s