Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Name Game

I recently noticed that I automatically associated almost all names of people to a particular nature. Like, Nikita meant plump, Ameya meant full of attitude, Tejas meant fair. I didn't know where this came from, but coming across a girl named Nikita who was waif-thin made me feel surprised for a bit. Now, I realize that these preconceived associations come from long back, from my schooldays. School being the first platform where you start socialising and making friends, staying 12 years with the same people had sort of given their name an identity, rather than the other way round. I was so used to Nikita being fat that even after breaking out of school, the name Nikita always meant plumpness, and anything otherwise initially felt strange, if not outright impossible, just like thinking of a subdued Ameya was like thinking of Sachin Tendulkar without a bat.
Fortunately for my current friends, not many have the same names that my school friends had. But those who are unlucky enough, shall continue to be the silent butt of jokes in my mind! :P


My Blog Your Thoughts said...

Hi,this can be premonitions too about some one...

Nice to see my college gals writing :)

Keep Rocking

abhi said...

I agree - has happened a few times with me also!!

Anuradha said...

I had a school friend named abhishek :D

abhi said...

i hope you don't have much of a negative thought associated with that name!! lol!!

Max Babi said...

hi Anuradha,
Why are some boys named Amar, Avinash or Ajay? They will live on forever? And Amrit/Amrut? And Ajinkya? Prayas means an attempt, I know a girl named Prayathna meaning the same.. which sounds a bit off-putting. A lackadaisical attempt.. Poor sons and daughters of the 1960s revolutionaries were named Gandhi, Stalin, Lenin, Che, or Trotsky. They all grew up different, cursing their parents.
Poor kids !

A half light said...

Prayathna indeed! I always thought saying 'try' was very off putting; for no particular reason, the word itself makes me feel it's overflowing with lack of interest and enthusiasm!
That apart, what I 'tried' to imply through this post was, not meanings of names that we automatically associate with the name. Sometimes we automatically associate some name (or word, to speak in generic) with something that is completely irrelevant to its meaning. It comes so naturally that we don't even realize it; until we're countered. My brother used to do it a lot when he was young! He thought tasvir meant hips, and zulf meant wolf! (still don't know why!!) It might be some meaning in a not so well known language (probably our mother tongue??), or maybe rhyming words?? Hehe! Strange is the human mind!