Friday, February 27, 2015

Walking with you, to the end of this world..

Walking with you, to the end of this world
When I am with you, happiness is assured,
Love is laughter, love is your thoughts..
So immersed in them, to forget one's whereabouts :)

From a sea of unknowns, a known face smiles
With whom she can stride, a thousand wide miles
From a spattering of ice, slips a familiar hand
With whom she can bravely, all bad times, stand..

Excited she speaks, with equal calm he looks on..
As high as she flies, is as grounded as he's born..
A 30 for her 60, a 45 for five nines,
A perfect complement for her perpetual feminine :)

Yet with all that has passed, has the attraction dwindled?
Will the love, and the magic, forever stay kindled?
Will a few stubborn stands start a never-ending row..
And burn down their castle, into a puddle of snow?

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