Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fue the Flu!

Man! Even I want to go and watch Kaminey and then brog (brag on the blog :P) in full kaminey iftyle about its brilliance and the way I got all its twists and turns and the portrayal and go ooh! and aah! all over the famed charlie lingo! I've read at least 3 complete reviews on blogworld in the 15 minutes of internet access I've gotten today till now. Everyone around doing that and me stuck at home is so not fair! Grr! Bloody airborne pigs. Made me go around to 3 cinema houses today, only to see them all deserted. Someone just go sue(r) the fwine flu, will you? :(


Anonymous said...

Well if you have read what I have brogged about it maybe your enthusiasm and anger shall be attenuated a bit.

A half light said...

Yeah I wrote the post after I read yours :P
I wanted to contradict you badly but I was not in a position to :P