Sunday, February 8, 2009

To all ye sloths - The queen is here

They always ask me how do I manage to make through the tiny gangway sandwiched between the park and the society hall with my bike (Scooty Pep+), when better riders refrain from doing so, for fear of ramming into one of the walls.

Though attributing it to my miraculous sense of balance would've been more dignified, the actual answer is extremely less so.
I just am too lazy to leave hold of the throttle.

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greySith said...

I have a lamer explanation.
You are a Sania Mirza fan ... (1)
Sania Mirza believes that one should never back off ... (2)
Sania Mirza is a brand ambassador for Scooty ... (3)
You have a Scooty ... (4)

From eqns 1,2,3,4 we get that you don't leave the throttle because Sania Mirza advised you (implicitly) not to.