Sunday, January 18, 2009


Star parties always hold different meaning (not exactly; I couldn't think of any other flattering introductory line :P), especially when you're gonna be towing your own telescopes! Dunno why the one taking place later this day made me skim back to my last post on star parties. And rather unexpectedly, I realized something completely unrelated to stars. That, till very recently, I still wrote mostly for others. But now, I write only for myself. The conventional style's breaking away, the urge to write goody-goody falsely flowery things getting replaced by the satisfaction gained by twisting off-the-rocker things into catching shenanigans. Calibrating nonsense actually requires a sackful of sense :D

Hopefully, I'm improving.

P.S.: This almost turns out to be the shortest post in the history of the blog.
(To self:) Be ashamed.

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greySith said...

Oh noes!!! So shorts! What will we do!