Sunday, August 10, 2008


Beautifully wrapped up in the one line:

Men may come and men may go, but I go on for ever.

That’s your life for you. My life for me.
Because I am my life. And my life is me.

Errrrrr. That sounds quite lame, and weird, and a desperate attempt at poetry. But I just discovered the quaint analogy the line [from “The Brook” by Alfred Lord Tennyson] has with life and I’m reeling from the idea itself. And I turn extremely philosophical at such times. And at most of such times, I’m in no mood to elaborate. I expect my thoughts to jump out and plant themselves in others’ minds by telepathy. And at such times, if they don’t, then it’s incorrigibly irritating and I’m rock-convinced it’s just their unbelievable lack of insight and my inexpressible gain of logic. Those are the few times when I pity them. And glorify myself. And this is just such a time.

Another lame attempt, to my second year of whatever-I-came-to-do-and-whatever-I-am-doing :

Cheers to my first year,
Gone by in a pee,
Lows and lows (not highs and lows),
Bringing near-death to ME*.

Cheers to my second year
Come forth in glee,
I hope to god it’s lows and lows
But lows that get high on me**.

*ME = my academic life


Sameer said...

waah kya baat hain... :P

anu said...

sameer: mention not :D

Abhishek Sharma said...

ooo the frusti engineeer banter...!
yeah the second year also will go down in a giffy .../
btw nice rhym

anu said...

@ abhishek:
it's not a frustrated one's more of a resigned banter. It's a banter which speaks of how everything(that happened to me)is for me, of me, and(more than anything), BY ME. A banter which speaks of how I could've done tons better if I had shown a bit more enthusiasm but how I was just too lazy to do even that.

I just realized how utter neglect could waste away brilliance. But then, that's neither here nor there.