Saturday, May 17, 2008

la folie

I just found out that the Anunnaki are any of a group of powerful Babylonian earth spirits or genii; more generally, servitors of the gods.

And queerly, very queerly, the next site I randomly hit upon is The Cyborg Name Decoder!

Which one's more incongruous, do you think? :P

Artificial Networked Unit Responsible for Accurate Destruction and Hazardous Assassination

And yeah! This verse actually takes the cake.

for they fade away ! then you won't be able to run and play!

knock knock! who's there? Anu ! Anu who? Anu come out and play?

Jesus! [c]racks me up everytime! :D

Ahem! Can Mr. Psychiatrist please take note ? :|


Ritesh. P said...

Haha Anu, that was a funny decoding thing you've got there. :)

anu said...

have you tried it with YOURS? :)

Sameer said...

Haha mine is
Synthetic Artificial Machine Engineered for Efficient Repair

Sameer said...

BTW this is one hell of a post! I have never come across this kinda great interpretation of my name. Seriously. Thanks for posting this great stuff.
The haha in my last comment was balach :| =))

anu said...

moi pleasure :)
and well, you're getting a much more interesting one too.
Synthetic Artificial Mathematics and Yelling Android

Sameer said...

Did you think that i was really means REALLY serious and calling this post great n all :O ?

anu said...

do you, by any chance, get subtlety??

Sameer said...

No! :| Not at all! The third comment was because of second comment. =))

And "haha" was just added because of my habit. It wasn't funny also :P

JD said...

What the hell happened here? :|

Sameer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sameer said...


there is a competition going on between anu and me to write most interesting/cool/sexy/good/whatever post. Check my blog and then cast your vote!

Right anu???? :|

anu said...

wow! carry on, guys!

* eagerly traces the graph of the number of my comments and the lameness of my posts *

* concludes : inverse relation * :P

Sameer said...


this can be topic for your next post may be??? :P