Sunday, February 10, 2008

DeBuggeD !


Why is it that just after completing an examination, I develop a sudden exaggerated interest towards the corresponding topics?? Is it because of the gone-aboard realization that I could've done loads better HAD I shown that interest some hours before?? How hurting is the "sinking in" of the situation that folk tons less brainy than YOU performed tons better than you just coz they slogged irrelevantly through the whole night afore when u spent it straining the sofa, reading Harry Potter-7 for the 77th time?? When U KNOW u could've done it in less than one-third the same time?!! When we feel cheated and inflicted-upon unfairly by others, outrage and vocal hostility are the easiest reprieves; and they come naturally. But what if the cheater and the cheated are one and the same?? Is the completely empathetic, alien emotion coursing through me right now ignominy? Shame? Or self-pity? A chauvinistic desire to explain away what is inexcusable?? But to whom?? I can rave at mom. I can TRY TO rave at dad. And without doubt, unrestrainedly at my closest friends. But MYSELF ?!!?

For folk who couldn't figure out that muddle: WELL and GOOD. You are lucky u haven't gone through that kinda dilemma in life.
For folk who did: I ain't a hypocrite.


Einstein WASN'T one too.



samya said...

where is this 'Mantri' galli btw? :O

anu said...

that's our secret gang hidey-hole for carrying out top secret meetings...THE place where world-revolutionising thouts take root...and are elaborated'pon..we swear 'pon maintaining its integrity and 'unplottability' thru heart n soul...and have sealed it with our blood! ;)
WIll guard it till ma las'breath!! :P

JD said...

"Been there, done that" would be too much of a cliche, don't u think? :)

It's amazing how much capacity exams have to seep out the liking and enthu out of a subject... And as for rants, go right on, they're fun even when u don't understand them :D

PS - I'm just keeping on with the none-of-my-business-yet-commenting tradition :P

samya said...


greySith said...

Know exactly how that feels...

But as the great vortigaunts say, 'We will persevere...'

Nikita said...

i suck at writin but i love blabbering and i lovve the way u write...
its like u can beautifully put in writing the way we ppl speak..

not makin sense am i??
i told yaa ;)

jd told me bout ur blog n explained all the places on ur hangout list.. funnn!!

u r so much like us..its creepy.. wish i cud get 2 knw u..(am i soundin like this "be frends" creeps on orkut???)

i see so many ppl write this well bout such random everyday things.. i m inspired.. will probably start bloggin soon... :)

n i totally agree... why is dat u feel like studyin a subject after the exam is over??