Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Party of The Stars, Part 1

Back to the grind.

Back to the hectic schedule typical of an engineering student. After a very refreshing & much-needed hiatus of 1 golden month, back to the daily gruelling 8-8[not kidding]. Literally it tosses me into one of those nice gruelly gruels peasants just worship! College, classes, BC, still more classes,and still some more! Collateral. Come to think of it though, last week was a very different one. For a very pragmatic reason. Same time, 7-and-1 days ago; couldn't have been a more different situation; couldn't have been a more different place;.... couldn't have been A MORE DIFFERENT ME. Reeling back.......

Kamshet. A sleepy swaying village on the outer outskirts of Pune. The impatient wait for the end of the last lecture at college. The unplanned last-minute rushing off to Venus for buying[in cash!] the ever-elusive Commander. The consequent reduction of my normally-balanced lunch to scrounging on a greasy vada-paav. The comic fate of priya's toothbrush[I'll save you guys the danger of dying in splits by not mentioning it here!]. The incessant phone-calls from my mom & dad, who had assumed I'm going on nothing short of an Alexandrian war![I won't ever get why the idea of night outs won't appeal to moms and dads! In fact, I could do a Rowling on all the whimsical fancies moms & dads have concerning their sons & daughters! Hang on....maybe I WILL! watch out!] The scramble of 32 people at the SAME compartment of the local, in tow with 3 6"telescopes. The eleventh-hour changing of compartments[I'm still trying to find out a valid reason].

The tentative 1 1/4 hr. journey with me staring away shamelessly at one of my lesser-acquainted colleagues and him staring at me when HE THINKS I'm not staring at him[when I really AM outta the corner of my eye!]; wondering when(if ever!)the words of wisdom(or at least, words of 'recognisable' frequency)are going to pour out of his mouth, when he might have been wondering the same thing about ME! The final realization that switching on my Apple iPod would be a much more fruitful way of spending the remainder of the journey. The tragedy of the poor pencil-salesman on the local offering 4 lead-pencils for a meagre 10bucks! But Amen! We were finally aboard! And chugging on to my first ever star party! YAYY!

Man! Was I excited! There are a lot many amazing things I have done for the first time since stepping into COEP.... and I hope and pray that a lot more will come my way![wow! that rhymes! :D]


Priya said...

All I can say is .......WOW!!!!
You are a fantastic writer....!!(I MEAN IT).

First of all and very imp is that I forgive you for that toothbrush thing...imagine..!(A huge proof that i liked ur blog)

I loved the way you have put up your thoughts...the flow,the language,...i mean everything is so perfect...just amazing...!!

Andoo,What d hell ur doing in engineering..?..Like that Darsheel in 'Tare zamin par..'..Well,don't misunderstand.. you are dammmm good in studies..But ur writing u for that..!!

Arey yaar, ekde smiley kuthe sapdatach nahi..nayitar bharpur taklya asatya..i swear!!

And ........WHO was that guy you mentioned..hah??? Don't forget to tell me...I am waiting.

Keep bloging...UR BLOG ROCKS!!

samya said...

"when I really AM outta the corner of my eye!" =))

nice one :D

anu said...

thanx a ton!and that guy aint s'posed to be mentioned here...dunno wat'll be HIS take on it!lol
nd wil definitely take ur advice[keep bloggin wala!] :D

tis true!rofl!
thnx! :)

samya said...

hey what happened abt the fight???

n whats your name btw???